Man spoiled, man refuted everything!

Man is the hangman of everything that benefits him.

Man spoiled, man refuted everything!
Man is the hangman of everything that benefits him.

 All living things and inanimate ones are designed to serve the master.

 The master sleeps, wakes up, wants something.

 He wants to swim in the cool waters of the sea.
 He wants to kill the fish in the sea and eat.
 He wants to cut the plum in the gardens, the grapes in the vineyards, the tomatoes in the garden, the eggplant, the pepper, the watermelon and the melon.

 He wants to drink the milk of the sheep.

 When his lamb grows little, he wants to cut the meat to be tender.

He wants to eat the fruits of the trees.  He wants to sleep in its shadow.

 He wants to cut the tree he eats from its fruit and sleeps in its shadow.

 He wants to cut the horse he is riding on, the ox that the couple is riding!

 He wants to cut the cow that provides milk.

 This is the human being.

 He is the one who ruins everything he benefits from.

 Once a man becomes a hangman, he kills humans, just as he cuts animals.

 As well as imprisoning animals, he also imprisons people.

 As well as using everything that he benefits from, he uses the women as rude.

 This is the human being.

 The lord of the realm.

 Brutal creature.

 He does not recognize rights, he does not know the laws.

When he sees the power, he thinks that masterhood is not enough and he wants to become a God.

 He can't fit in his own home.

 He wants houses, sites, skyscrapers.

 Then he wants the cities and even countries.

 Wars are starting.

 Countries are fighting.

 Greedy human being is starting to kill his fellow creature as if it wasn't enough to kill other creatures other than himself.

 The religious one is the same.
 The irreligious one is the same.
 The Christian one is the same.
 The Muslim one is the same.

 The Jewish one is the same.

 Muslims, forget the path of Muhammad and goes astray.

 Christians, forget the path of Jesus and adopt mercilessness.

 Jews, forget Mosas's and Solomon's reign and cry in front of a wall.

 Man is the lord of this realm.

 Everything is the holy spirit created for him.

 When he loses his masterhood, he is promoted from master to slavery.

 Slave of money.
 Slave of woman
 Slave of his ambitions.
 Slave of fame.
 Slave of the authority and position.

 When man decays, he is promoted from master to slavery.

 When man becomes a slave, he loses his mastery.

 When a person decays, everything decays.

The evil microbe Corona Virus comes and sits on the lord of human abandonment.

 The slave man tastes the most painful of deaths under the sword of the master CoronaVirus.

 A thousand times more of the beings that he fears are trembling with fear.

 Like the flock of sheep, it tastes death in flocks.

 Like sheeps killed one by one, she dies alone in hospital rooms.

 His body is secretly buried in the ground.

 This is how the master man chooses slavery.

 Can the person who tastes the pain of slavery know the value of mastery?

 Can he get back the lost majestic authority?

 We do not know.

 If he remembers mercy again,
 If he remembers compassion again,
 If he gives up rudeness,
 If he does not kill,
 If he tries to keep others alive,
 If he loves his home,
 If he loves his wife,
 If he loves his job,

 If he loves people,

 If he does not steal,
 If he is not wrongdoer,

 In short, if he acts like a human,

 The majestic authority is again of humans.

 If the person remembers that he is the master, understands the misery of slavery, the Corona Virus will immediately get out of that position.

 Sadness is replaced by joy.
 Health replaces the disease.

 As before, the sun rises again, laughing.
 Air particles cease to carry germs and come under the command of the master again.

O human! make your decision!

 Are you a master and want a happy and peaceful life?

 Or you want to be crushed and destroyed under the tanks of slaves mold, CoronaVirus, AIDS-like microbes?

 The decision is yours.