The model who has been assaulted in Cesme, the pearl of Turkey, was actually the First Lady Olena Zelenzka, not Daria Kyryliuk.

Turkish People attach great importance to the guest.

The model who has been assaulted in Cesme, the pearl of Turkey, was actually the First Lady Olena Zelenzka, not Daria Kyryliuk.

I lived in Ukraine for as long as five years. My wife and daughters Elif and Ayşe still live in Ukraine.

The assaulting incident of the Ukrainian top model Daria Kyryliuk and her friends was greeted with sadness in Turkey. Mehmet Ersoy, the Ministry of Interior and the Minister of Culture and Tourism, made important statements.

There is no such thing as a foreign citizen in Turkish culture. There are guests. In Turkish culture, guests are very precious. Nobody looks down upon any guests in Turkey, nobody harms them.

Turkish People attach great importance to the guest.

Official institutions in Turkey also take care of the guests coming from another country. Our guests are not let to be injured or upset. If there is an unintended incident, the Turkish police and the Turkish judiciary work meticulously and eliminate the guests' grievances.

If an Ukrainian guest lady is assaulted, anyone in Turkey will be upset and embarrassed as if the wife of the President of Ukraine is assaulted.

Those who followed the Turkish media also saw it. Turkish media also reacted very strongly to the assaulting of Daria Kyryliuk and her friends.

Turkish people and Turkey are really upset because of this unfortunate event.

All Ukrainians should know that everyone in Turkey loves the Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Unfortunately some countries are jealous of this warm love and communication of Ukraine and Turkey. Some countries don't want Turkey's approach with Ukraine.

Our Turkish businessmen are also assaulted and even killed in Ukraine.

I was assaulted like Daria Kyryliuk and her friends, too by five armed gangs in Ukraine. I was attacked by them. My vehicle and our money were usurped.

I am sorry to say that the Ukrainian police did not catch the criminals even though they knew the gangs' identities. They did not take any legal action.

If the President of Ukraine Mr. Zelensky is curious about this event and the process, he can look at the file in Nikolaev Police Department.

I have been a journalist for 20 years. I got married in Ukraine. I was living a modest life outside of the city with my kids.

Together with my wife, we opened a foundation called FOND INAN, trying to help Ukrainian retirees, families of martyrs, widows and orphans, children with disabilities, organizations for the disabled and tens of thousands of people in need.

Ukraine Nikolaev Tax Office records can be checked for more information.

We hung Turkish and Ukrainian flags to the entrance of the office of FOND INAN. Also we hung pictures of Petro Poroshenko and President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the walls of the office.

Our aim was to develop Turkish and Ukrainian friendship, to bring Ukrainian and Turkish people closer to each other.

Some people were uncomfortable with this aid bridge between Ukraine and Turkey.

We were asked to stop helping.

Ahıska and Chechen Gang wanted a 25 thousand dollars bribe. The names of these people are available in Ukrainian intelligence service, SBU and Nikolaev Police.

An empty bullet casing was left on the stairs of FOND INAN to threaten us.

I was attacked by five armed gangs at my workplace.

All of these processes are known by the Ukrainian Nikolaev police and Ukrainian intelligence officers.

Unfortunately, both the Ukrainian police and the Ukrainian intelligence did not protect our rights.

The gangs were freed up and any legal action were not taken for them.

I do not want to bring up the old incidents and sufferings.

I just want the Republic of Turkey, State of Ukraine, President Erdogan and Zelenskiy to be sensitive to those who want to sabotage Ukrainian and Turkish friendship.

These unfortunate events that happened to me and my family and Daria Kytyliuk and her friends clearly show that some people don't want Ukrainian and Turkish friendship.

That's why FOND Inan's business who built the bridge of friendship and brotherhood between Turkey and Ukraine was prevented and provoked.

Daria Kyryliuk and her friends' assaulting incident in Turkey is a trap of those who don't want an intimacy between Ukraine and Turkey.

Turkey will rigorously reach the legal conclusion of the Daria Kyryliuk incident. No one should doubt that.

Ukraine should also be sensitive to the grievances we experienced, the legal process should be carried out in a healthy way, and the criminals should be punished.

I know that the USA, Europe, China, Iran and Arab countries want to get closer to Ukraine politically. They all have a purpose and a common interest.

Turkey aims to do nothing but give benefit to Ukraine.

If we earn five dollars from Ukraine, we benefit Ukraine 500 dollars.

Please let's not allow the destruction of the bridge of friendship between Turkey and Ukraine.

Daria Kyryliuk and her friends should be able to come to our country again. They should be able to do a holiday and not be afraid of Turkey.

Turkish people love guests.